Backdrop Production

With years of experience in backdrop production in Hong Kong, Red Production thoroughly understands the customer’s requirements in today’s competitive market in terms of the production quality of a backdrop.

As a seasoned market-leader in this area, Red Production insists on using the imported 1440dpi printer in order to print the customer’s archives in full color and in the highest quality. Our rigorous requirements for quality are designed to enable our customers to view the detailed contents on the backplane at a distance of 1 foot, and also to be able to display the archives as they are in their original.

In addition, we have adopted and only use expensive, high-quality vinyl materials that provide a smooth, non-reflective, high-resolution plane. All this is to ensure that the customer’s design is always presented in its best form possible.

As an expert in producing backdrop in Hong Kong, our inventory is stocked with over 100 pieces of wooden background boards. Our warehouse is set up in accordance with the highest industry standards too. It maintains the optimal temperature and humidity 24×7 days a week, and there are specialists who regularly check the structure and surface of the board to ensure that the material stays in top condition for use.

Backdrop Design

Red Production is proud to serve as one of our government’s purchasers, and we have assisted the government in designing backboards, long-term publications and publicity materials for large-scale events.

Given our excellent track record, we have made it our top priority to form a dedicated team to serve clients looking for a well-made and well-thought out backdrop design in Hong Kong. Our professional, creative team has more than 10 years of backboard design experience. We are dedicated and can meet a wide range of customers’ needs, whether it is flat or three-dimensional designs. What’s more, our team is focused on delivering on job requests in the shortest lead time possible.

Our dedication and professionalism in this area has allowed us to form a network of clients who continually look for our help in designing their centrepiece backdrops for events of all types.

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