LED Wall

LED Wall in Hong Kong

Due to its eye-catching presentation and variety of messages that can be conveyed, the use of an LED wall backdrop at an event has become more and more extensive in recent years. Nowadays, from concerts, annual dinners, meetings, exhibitions, VIP gatherings, product launches, or school performances, all make use of the LED wall, which showcases its versatility and broad usage in modern event production.

A customer design, theme, message or even the detailed information of a company can all be easily presented through the use of LED walls, saving unnecessary design costs, time, and the need to incorporate different types of presentation formats or collaterals in your event.

Our clients realise the benefits of LED Wall includes a much clearer resolution, and ability to discard projectors and the constant worry of obstructions between the screen and the projector. The combination of LED walls to create a composite image can also negate some disadvantages compared to using a traditional projector, and can be customised to suit the venue. It can clearly and flexibly present the customer’s application and design of the venue. Also, the screens are not more than a few inches thick, and are much more practical than a typical projector screen.

LED Wall Rental

To meet the growing needs of our customers, Red Production currently provides a range of high quality and high resolution LED wall rental in Hong Kong to our discerning clients to help them create the ultimate and immersive event experience.

Our comprehensive services include both short-term and long-term rental periods. This provides welcomed flexibility for clients and they can simply let us know the time and date our services are needed. In addition, Red Productions offers LED wall in HK of varying sizes and dimensions to suit client or venue requirements.

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