Stage Production House

In terms of professional stage production for events of all types and sizes, Red Production possesses the expertise and techniques to source or advise clients in materials that can meet their objectives and specifications.

We will utilise a new type of aluminum stage board to build the stage, which drastically improves the stability and safety of the stage itself for different usage purposes. Our choice of materials are different from the 4 ft. x 6 ft. used in traditional stage construction, because Red Production has made use of the 4 ft. x 4 ft. stage board instead. This allows us to meet the dynamic needs of different shapes and sizes for different situations, and also to provide customers with a more flexible design. In addition, based on the layout of a large number of event venues across Hong Kong, the 4ft x 4ft stage boards can reduce the number of customers in the selection of venues, and can be used more widely. Extra care is taken to preserve the venue as the bottom of each stand is professionally covered with soft rubber to prevent the surface material from being scratched or damaged.

Red Production as a stage production company has been a designated contractor for several hotels and shopping malls for many years, as we continually show our clear understanding of the quality needed in our building materials, and also our care taken in the sustainability of the venue.

Stage Design in Hong Kong

For stage design in HK, Red Production has a professional team to tailor-make the most unique event stage for clients to suit their objectives and purposes. Our team is dedicated to delivering an extraordinary experience to each participant so that everyone leaves with a smile on their face.

To help make our client’s event a success, we can offer more than 30 different colored carpets. Customers are free to choose the color that matches the theme of the event, in order to help elevate the experience and meet marketing objectives. Contact our stage design team today to let us know what you need, and they will have all the answers and inspiration for you!

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